Reflux Allergy Ireland is a newly established organisation that has been set up by a group of mothers to help raise vital awareness of the impact on families living with these conditions in Ireland, whilst offering much needed support to families struggling to find a diagnosis.

Initially founded by Cherie Bacon Byrne after she realised (following the birth of her daughter Raven) the lack of information and support available to parents of children diagnosed with Gastro Oesphegual Reflux Disease (GORD) and allergies in Ireland was practically non-existent. Cherie struggled to get answers and help. What initially became a search for ways to ease the pain and suffering that her daughter experienced as a result of severe GORD, has now become a passion to help others. And in doing so, raise much needed awareness of how reflux and allergies can impact hugely on families lives when they go undiagnosed.

In her search for answers, coupled with her own findings, Cherie has gained a wealth of experience in this area and is the author of the highly acclaimed book The Reflux Bible which has been the answer to so many mothers prayers since it hit the shelves in 2014. Cherie has also written a second book, The reflux Bible second edition and developed an app Infant Acid reflux. Cherie also provides 1:1 phone support consultations. Further information on the books app and consultations can be found on her website

Supporting Cherie in her quest to educate and support people in Ireland about these soul destroying conditions is Monica Brogan O’Gorman, Yvonne Wall Cronin and Hazel Aherne.

Monica Brogan O’Gorman has two sons diagnosed with a number of allergy related conditions and GORD. She also fought for diagnoses of her sons conditions and in doing so, has become very knowledgeable in the area of gut related illnesses.

Yvonne Wall Cronin is a mother to 3 chidren one of which struggled with undiagnosed Reflux Disease. Yvonne has worked in various social care settings supporting mothers and thier children.

Hazel Walsh has worked within the childcare industry for 22yrs. Her background is in nursery nursing, early childhood education and she specialised in special education with emphasis in the ASD sector.

Hazel also holds a post grad and is a registered Hospital Play Specialist. Currently Hazel works with children “at risk” in primary schools and she has a BSc Hons in Education and training. Hazel also delivers training to adults in the education and childcare sector.

All four ladies have their own individual stories but together, they have drive and passion to do everything in their power to help support other people living with these terrible diseases. They want to share their experiences on how best to survive and get through the bad days with practical tips and advice. But most importantly, they want to offer support to people who need it most.

We are mothers who have been there and fought the fight. We have survived and now, we want to help you and offer our assurance to you that you are not alone anymore.