Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) is a rare non-IgE allergy which affects the gastrointestinal system.  FPIES (pronounced “F” and “PIES” as in apple pies) is a potentially fatal condition and it can present at any age in a baby or toddler. It is triggered by an allergic reaction to a particular food protein. Symptoms usually occur 2 hours after ingestion of a trigger food and they include; Severe, repetitive vomiting, delayed diarrhoea, pale/blue complexion, lethargy, dehydration, low blood pressure and body temperature and raised white blood cells in the body.

Because these symptoms mimic a severe gastrointestinal bug or intussusception of the gut, this condition can be commonly misdiagnosed and left untreated until the offending food is eaten again and the same symptoms re-occur.

The most common foods associated with FPIES are: cows milk, soya, oats and rice. But any food at all can trigger an acute FPIES attack.

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