Welcome to Reflux Allergy Ireland.

This site is dedicated to all parents and caregivers who are dealing with babies & children suffering from Reflux, Reflux Disease, Allergy, Intolerance and Gut related issues. Reflux Allergy Ireland is an annex site  to our support group Surviving Reflux Ireland.


Our mission is to offer vital support to parents of children living with reflux and allergies in Ireland. We aim to raise much needed awareness of these conditions amongst health care providers and in doing so, we hope to educate, inform and find ways to help improve the quality of life for parents and children affected by these diseases.


Cherie Bacon Byrne

Founder of Surviving Reflux Ireland and the  author of The Reflux Bible 1&2 and the creator of the app Infant Acid Reflux.

Cherie’s back ground is in social care and is the mother to three children. Cherie’s third child Raven was born with reflux disease bilateral talipes and non-IgE allergy

Hazel Ahern Walsh

Hazel Walsh has worked within the childcare industry for 22yrs. Her background is in nursery nursing, early childhood education and she specialised in special education with emphasis in the ASD sector.

Hazel also holds a post grad and is a registered Hospital Play Specialist. Currently Hazel works with children “at risk” in primary schools and she has a BSc Hons in Education and training. Hazel also delivers training to adults in the education and childcare sector.

Monica Brogan O’Gorman

Monica is a busy mum of two beautiful boys Caolán and Oisín. Both her boys have been diagnosed with GORD, severe non-IgE allergies and a rare condition called FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome).

Her first born son Caolán had a long road to diagnosis and this has impacted on the overall severity of his condition. He was 15 months old before diagnosis and proper treatment began with the help of world leading specialists based in Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.

Her youngest son, Oisín was born in January 2015 and from the outset, he had the same gut related issues as his older brother. Thankfully, treatment was sought in the early stages and his consultant and dietician (who are the same specialists who provide care to his brother Caolán) are hopeful that early intervention with the right medical treatment will play a key role in how he progresses.

Through her fight for help and diagnosis, Monica has become very knowledgeable in the area of non-IgE allergies and intolerances, allowing her to provide support to other mothers living in Ireland facing the challenges that she met before Caolán was officially diagnosed.

Monica’s background is in marketing and event management in the not for profit industry.