Welcome to our community. As mothers of babies with reflux and allergies, we understand exactly how soul destroying these conditions can be. We know all about the isolation, the loneliness, the feeling that no one understands, the dismissive comments and disbelief of how bad a baby with reflux and allergies can present. We know exactly how testing and how tough this can be on a relationship. We know how trying to cope with all of this with little or no support can lead to stress, anxiety and postnatal depression. We have been there and we have walked in your shoes….. We know exactly how you feel.

Coming soon in this section; We aim to guide you in the right direction of where to access support for all of the above. We also have mothers who have lived/are living with reflux and allergies and their stories. We hope to ensure that you no longer feel alone or isolated. We sincerely hope we can help as this is our community, your community.